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Most recent travel project

"Switzerland 2023" is a favourite project for me, highlighting the vast beauty of the stunning swiss mountains. This project was driven by my personal ambition to visually explore and capture this breathtaking location.

Most recent event filmed

This video is a summary of the event I attended with my drone, edited together with fast pace cuts and music. If you want to view full videos of races click button below:

Lewes Drone Shot

Most Recent House Captured

New Forest Tree Topdown

Filming Triathlons - Aidan Dure-Smith

This is a parody video of a BBC Sports Video, it has some great moments from a triathlon event featuring my brother, a dedicated triathlete. This video was edited for fun and created to test out new equipment.

Year 8 FSM Leavers Party

Photography at School Leavers

Want to see full portfolio?

*Lots of the projects on this page have not yet been uploaded*

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